Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Orange Marmalade Cranberry Sauce

I only have one oven and I'm doing Thanksgiving (just for four) single-handed, so I'm cooking up a storm the day before Thanksgiving.  I got inspired and made a cranberry orange marmalade, starting from this recipe but with more cranberry.  I wanted something relatively low sugar--this is not a recipe intended for canning--but with fairly long cooking it did set.

Orange Marmalade Cranberry Sauce

2 good sized navel oranges
enough cider or apple juice to cover
2 cups sugar
1 bag cranberries

I removed the central pith and seeds from the oranges and cut peel and flesh together into thin slices.  I packed them down and poured cider over them to barely cover.  I put the bowl in the refrigerator overnight, as is recommended for marmalades.  The next day I measured the fruit and juice (I had 4 cups) and added half as much sugar.  I brought it to a simmer, added the cranberries, and simmered for perhaps an hour and a half. 

I thought it was going to have the bitterness that some marmalade has (which I like ok), but even the orange pieces that include the white part of the peel are not bitter.   It made about 3 cups.

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