Saturday, May 21, 2011

getting ready to travel

My endometrial biopsy Monday was easy, and they were hoping to have the results this week, but I haven't heard anything.  Hopefully I will hear Monday.  My doctor and I were talking about the bleeding I had and she said "maybe you just threw an egg."  Scary to think that maybe I could have gotten pregnant two years after my last period.

Yesterday I focused on errands that needed to be done before I go away, so today I am focusing on packing.  It seems more difficult because I am driving--I have room to take more.  And it is always tricky because it can be so cold in Chatham in June.

I just checked Google maps and it tells me that in the next two days I have 17 hours of driving (in the absence of traffic)--986 miles.  That is actually a bit shorter than  I thought it was.  It is 10 hours to Harrisburg PA, which is roughly my goal for tomorrow.  But I'm flexible.

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