Wednesday, March 23, 2011

my spring break

Monday I took our daughter and her boyfriend to the airport then John to a doctor's appointment, which turned out to be fairly quick, but I felt tired and didn't get out in the garden.

Tuesday I had an appointment of my own in the morning, then listened to some of an interesting webinar, then took the lead at John's aunt's care plan meeting, then a dentist appointment for me.  I talked to a reporter on the phone while I did some errands and did get to church for centering prayer.

Today I went to the flea market and bought some vegetables and plants and did a little in the garden, then spent most of the afternoon helping our son get registered a the local community college (there were several issues that took them time to work out).  I did get to have coffee with a friend in the late afternoon.  I just took care of getting my son's AP score reported to the community college.  I probably should have given him the necessarily number (which I keep after he lost it) and said he could do it himself, but sometimes it just feels so much easier to do it myself.

Tomorrow I have a couple of appointments for me, then my peer group and after that a spiritual direction appointment.

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