Sunday, January 24, 2010

Technology in Haiti

I'm going to use this post to accumulate links relating to the role of technology in doing things differently in Haiti:

Twitter in Haiti (thehaitian) on NBC

Help Haiti Heal: Instructions for volunteers:
home page:

Haiti volunteer network:


article on the role of texting

Crisis Camp:

a blog example of small scale aid:

problems with large-scale aid:

rebuilding differently (appropriate technology)

appropriate architecture:

what's wrong with news coverage:

I'm supporting Partners in Health because people in my church had a role in the origins of the organization and because they are putting the Haitians in the lead as much as possible, not coming in as cowboys to tell them what to do. My church is supporting in particular the rebuilding of the dam and water project in Cange that was their first project in 1984. The water supply is needed to support the hospital and expected long-term refugees.

Also make sure to sign the petition to drop Haiti's international debt:

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Anonymous said...

January 27 Update

Thank you for posting the link for HelpHaitiHeal 'About' page on your blog.

A few updates:
Ushahidi now has their own training material for volunteers - link to

HelpHaitiHeal is an online resource to find Helpful Information and Recover Aid in Haiti. Link to our homepage at

Volunteers for Haiti can post interest at

Or follow @redcrossmom on Twitter