Friday, January 08, 2010

hoping for a better 2010

I haven't given up on blogging entirely, but the fall was overwhelming, with supervising home renovations, moving, moving my husband's 98 year old aunt first from an apartment into assisted living then into a nursing home, and my son flunking out of college.

We had a housewarming party Jan. 2 and I think we are finally pretty well settled. The house I would say is a success, though I haven't had much chance to enjoy it. Downsizing from about 4000 to about 3000 square feet was hard. A wonderful cousin I had hardly known before is helping us sell things we didn't want.

John's aunt is doing better now that she isn't trying to manage her own apartment.

Our son started Monday at Presbyterian College, much closer to home. He is optimistic that will work out better.

Am I really going to get to catch my breath?

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