Wednesday, December 02, 2009

end of my rope

Moving was hell. We had two particularly intense two day periods, when the professional movers came and when some people with pickup trucks helped us finish clearing out the old house. Then I pushed to get as much unpacked as possible before Thanksgiving. I thought things were settling down now, or at least I could focus on my job, but now John's aunt who lives in our town has to move from assisted living to the associated nursing home. Clearing out her crammed apartment is going to be a nightmare.

Right now I need to go check on her. They didn't have a room ready for her in the nursing home until today so I had to arrange round the clock care for her. John was coping with helping her until the bad news came, but then last night he said he couldn't bear to go back.


no1daughteroflewydad said...

Hi Pam,

Shaking my head in take care. I hope you're planning a holiday, a break from the all the hectic moving and renovations.

Kudos to you.

kind regards

spouse said...

Wow !! why does everything have to happen at once!!! Hope you are still able to get some bike time in. or at least some way to find relaxation.