Saturday, June 13, 2009

Race Report: Death Valley Open Water Swim Meet

It had been a difficult week. Worries about the renovations of the house we will move to, a lowball offer on our current house, and then the budget of the program I run at work was drastically cut (that is only part of my job so my job isn't threatened). I was feeling so low last night I just went to bed early.

I got to the swim meet around 10, not knowing the exact schedule. I had signed up for the 2k, which turned out to be scheduled for 11 and didn't actually start until 11:30. I had done this meet two years ago and I thought I had done the 2k then, but now that I look back at my blog I see I did the 3k that time. I was feeling fairly relaxed about it, as I swim more than 2k in practice.

It was a beautiful day with little wind and the 2k was a small group. There were people around me for a little while at the start and then I settled in to the long lonely haul. I tried to focus on keeping up my effort. The last part out to the turnaround there was more wind and a lot of wake from passing boats, so it felt easier once I had turned around.

Someone swam with me towards the end and asked me if I was ok. Do I look that incompetent? Actually I was feeling a bit discouraged, as the number of buoys ahead of me seemed to stay the same. I passed a buoy and realized people were yelling at me to turn. Only then did I realize that what looked like a row of buoys stretching ahead of me was actually buoys piled on a dock beyond the finish. So I had a very short last push to the finish. I came out feeling pretty tired, though not shakey.

I didn't ask my time; I thought I would see it on the clock which was a little ways up the beach. But just after I finished they started the 1k, so the clock had been reset by the time I got to it. The results aren't posted on the web site yet. But however I did, I am feeling less depressed.

Update: My time was 1:09:31

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