Saturday, April 18, 2009

John is away

Our daughter has a long weekend but I don't, so John flew up to spend the weekend with her and my mother. I miss the chance to be with our daughter, but it sounds like they are having a good time. One good thing that has come out of John's illness is that he now gets along with my mother. He says now that he is diagnosed with an illness she is no longer so judgemental about him. I think she is less judgemental towards me too, so I attribute it to her moving towards Alzheimer's--she doesn't remember things that in the past she would have criticized. Anyway, my mother and John now seem to have made an semi-conscious alliance from their mild cognitive impairment.

I had a lovely peaceful day today. Made pumpkin bread, cleared out my closet shelves (three trash bags of clothes to give away), went to a wedding shower, stopped by to get Aunt Florence her mail, and took a beautiful bike ride with a friend.

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