Saturday, March 14, 2009


I tried to get our taxes done in February in order to fill out the college financial aid forms but finally I had to estimate--there were too many significant forms that hadn't come. Now it is less pressing because our son didn't qualify for need-based financial aid. I'm glad I'm not still in a hurry because some forms from Social Security still haven't come. But today I gathered the rest of the missing material.

I discovered that I was missing property tax information because I hadn't paid the tax. Oops. I'm sure the bill got sent to the company for the mortage we paid off instead of to us, but I paid another property tax and never realized I hadn't paid the tax for our home. Taxes are embarrassingly low down here so the penalty is not a big deal. But it makes me feel incompetent and overloaded. I should at least be glad that I've found all the information the tax preparer needs.

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