Wednesday, March 18, 2009

complications again

John took his aunt to the local urgent care last night because she had so much pain. Urgent Care had taken an xray Sunday and said there was no fracture, but in the meantime they got her previous xray and a radiologist read them and found two partial fractures of her pelvis in a different area from the one in January. She seems to be managing ok at her apartment. John asked me to go this evening help him talk to her about getting more help. It turned out that John didn't know that she is already using some help from aides. But then again she had washed out her own underwear today. I stressed that I think the best option for her is to stay in her apartment with help from aides. She hated the nursing home unit of the retirement community so much.

I'm trying to remember that it may be true that if I don't do it myself it won't get done right, but that is ok.

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This and That said...

Hi Pam
I am Lois from Joang's site (lmohr). I have been reading your blog and enjoy following your experiences. My husband of 74 has Parkenism with VD and AD. Not sure what stages but I think 6. Ups and downs from day to day make it hard to know what is what. The Neuro first thought he had Lewy but have since changed their minds. Best to you and your husband.