Saturday, February 14, 2009

life is uncertain

A member of my church was killed Friday night; her husband has been arrested and accused of murder. Her 7 year old son is with his much older brother. We live in a college town in a rural area--the last murder in this town was in 2004. I didn't know her well, but it makes me feel there is so much pain in the world.

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Joann said...

Yikes! How awful. I'm dealing with a bit of grief too. My co-teacher died unexpectedly on
Thursday. He just didn't come to work, so they sent the EMS folks out to check on him. Dead at 42. Very startling. Not as startling as murder, but still startling. It's all been a bit overwhelming for me because so many students have looked to me for comfort, and staff come to me with questions I can't answer. At first I thought they would let me take his classes, but they won't let me out of special ed. So I go on with three preparations in three departments. It's a very difficult semester. Hope your departmental rearrangement ends up turing out alright for you. I can just feel the disappointment and sadness when I read your reports. I'm so sorry. Maybe there are better things for the future that you just can't know about now. Pretend as if it's so anyway.