Tuesday, February 24, 2009

feeling a little better

But it is all so complicated. The non-rolling desk chair I got Florence didn't come with the kind of arms I had ordered, so they sent a different, bigger one. Turns out she likes the first one better. Her scooter finally came and seems to be satisfactory (except it is hard for her to plug in) but I had to leave my class to help her because John had an appointment he had to go to. I'm not sure how that became the plan, since his appointment wasn't that important, but I thought having one of us there when the scooter came was more important than he did. I need to remember that even if it is true that if I'm not there it won't get done right, sometimes it is ok if it doesn't get done right. I'm still feeling very pressed; I have several high priority tasks to get done tomorrow before I go out of town very early Thursday morning.

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