Sunday, February 15, 2009


A woman in my church, who was a youth leader for my son, was shot and killed Friday night by her husband. The church is trying to help her 23 year old son set up to be able to get custody of his 7 year old brother.

The news from my daughter's school is that a student wandered away from an off-campus sleepaway party off last night and was found drowned in a pond this morning. The girl was a junior day student.

I ordered a wheelchair today (a lightweight folding transport chair). The immediate need is for my husband's aunt, but we went ahead and bought it because my husband will eventually need it.

Too much pain in the world.


The Shrink said...

Good grief, grim times.

Joann said...

How frightening about the student. Your family member that the tree fell on --- OMG, that's a LOT of injuries! I hope he has disability insurance.

Lots of sad things happening around. For my part, I think it's all a statistical crap shoot as to if we are the bug or the windshield. I do think god sometimes intervenes, but on the whole I think most of our lives are lived as a part of some bell curve.

Hope things get better for you all soon. BTW, we have a transport chair for Betty and it's great for doc visits, and other trips out and about. Her's weights 35 lbs with all it's parts on, and it's easy to get and out of a car trunk.