Monday, January 26, 2009

too many directions

I went to the nursing home this morning (at John's request) to meet with the dietician because John's aunt is unhappy with the food she is getting. And I went back in the afternoon after my teaching was done to meet with her doctor, who just got back from out of town. He actually said she might get back to her apartment in a month, it depends on how determined she is. Totally determined.

I'm teaching a three hour class alone tomorrow afternoon--the professor I coteach that course with is out of town.

An email came out this afternoon proposing a new curriculum that would abolish the program I run and replace it with something else, which looks like it could be a larger version of the same thing. At the very least, it could offer the same kind of opportunities for me and for the other professor who works with me. But oh, that is going to be a lot of work.

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