Sunday, January 25, 2009


Happy news today--our son received an acceptance letter from College of Wooster. He applied to four colleges and has now been accepted by all four. Now it is his decision. We have only heard from one school about financial aid, but they seem to have taken into account our special circumstances and gave a very nice offer.

I had a long phone conversation today with our daughter's boyfriend's mother. Both sets of parents feel positively about the relationship, but we aren't always quite sure how to think about a 15 year old (she will be 16 in April) and a 16 year old in a serious relationship (getting towards a year now). I talked about our conversation afterwards with John and I was pleased that he was thoughtful about respecting the kids' developing relationship rather than wanting to fall back on rigid rules. Our daughter is so mature it is hard to remember she is not 18. The boy's parents don't think of him as so mature, but we are happy with how he treats our daughter.

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Anonymous said...

What great news for Paul! SOOO well done! I'm so pleased for all of you....JK