Friday, November 21, 2008


Nothing big, just tired. Things are still up in the air for the program I run. Dealt with a plagiarism case. Realized I haven't bought my daughter's air ticket for the end of Christmas vacation. Called yesterday to make her a dentist appointment over Christmas and it was already too late.

We have people coming over for dinner tomorrow and John isn't cleaning up his stuff until I tell him to work on each particular thing. He did say to me he thought he had cleared his stuff out of the guest room, could I check. That was a helpful way of handling it--there were several bags and boxes of stuff he had missed. He laughed rather than getting annoyed when I said that in a fit of frustration I had counted his blazers and he has more than 40. He agreed that he needs to give away more than half of them.

I did finally deal with the slow leak in my side of our Comfortaire mattress and called the company. The good news is it is 7 years old but still has a partial warranty--it will cost about $35 including shipping for a new pump unit. I'm glad it is the pump rather than having to dissect the mattress.

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