Saturday, October 18, 2008

Well Spouse Association

First some resources:

A really good article on dementia and violence.

A story about grief on video.

I'm in Chicago for my first convention of the Well Spouse Association. I got in a little late for dinner last night, but people were very friendly. The first workshop I went to this morning was on Tear Soup. They had trouble getting the video set up so we first went around the large group and told our stories and what we were grieving. So much in common. Then we did get to see the Tear Soup video, which is very good. Then I went to a workshop on self-identity in caregivers, where we had to keep being brought back to talk about ourselves. After lunch I went to one on How do we cope? for those with kids. We were a small group but we had kids around the same age and it was really helpful. People headed off for tours of various attractions in the afternoon but I decided that what I needed to do to take care of myself was to have a quiet afternoon. Feeling a little teary about being with people who get it.

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