Tuesday, October 21, 2008

kids growing up

Both our kids go to schools that have a tradition that through the year each senior gives a chapel talk. Our son gave his today and we went up to North Carolina to hear him. His talk was about what he has learned from travel with us.

John commented when we got to the school how fast these three plus years have gone. What strikes me is how our son has grown up. He has learning differences that he inherited from John but he seems to be finding his way.

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Joann said...

Wow! P. gave a talk! That sounds like something close to a miracle to me. Of course the last time I saw him he was a ghost that wafted in and out of the room and said nearly nothing, and certainly nothing within my range of hearing. The idea of a speech tells me he has really advanced tremendously. TREMENDOUSLY! It must be something very encouraging for you to see that growth and change. Any hints on what he wants to do after this school year?

I'm not keeping up awfully well on events, but I think of you and yours often. Peace,