Wednesday, August 13, 2008

second visit to the house

The students who have rented the house until May 9 were all asleep when we arrived at 11 am. But we did our walk through and measurements anyway. John came for part of it and liked what the designer had to say. I think we decided the best way to solve the bathroom issue is to move the toilet and sink maybe 10 feet--in effect rotate a rectangular room 90 degrees. The designer didn't think the extra expense would be excessive and it would make both the bathroom and the room it is off work much better.

The big news is that even with half the lights burned out and the rooms full of college student chaos, the designer was able to convince John that his space could be made nice. And I think almost all of what we do will go right into the value of the house. The neighborhood is improving--most of the houses are simple ranch houses but three have been torn down and replaced with McMansions. Our house is not big but it is a brick house--more than a simple ranch house.

Another nonstop day. I need to go to sleep.

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