Wednesday, August 20, 2008

college trip quick update

John and our son are safely home from their trip to visit colleges, and particularly liked College of Wooster. I went to work before either of them was away this morning, but what I heard whenever I spoke to them by phone was that everything was going smoothly.

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Anonymous said...

Stella here-
Pam, I love what I am hearing when you write about your son and daughter. You and John have done a great job of starting them off in life. And, since they do not carry the "baggage" of past remembrances that you have, they are moving right into this sad time while thinking, "What is best for Dad?". They accept the time with him as if it is a privilege you are giving them. It is a privilege. They will remember forever.

I know you feel the weight is on your shoulders, only. You have two great kids. Let them help you with this load.