Friday, July 18, 2008

polishing silver

Today was one of those days. I got in a short bike ride in the morning to test out my adjusted bike before a race on Sunday. I spent a good part of the morning in the office--met with a student and agreed to supervise his writing a paper in the next two weeks.

This afternoon I went through my husband's old mail to try to make sure we get all his IRA accounts rolled over into an annuity. Then I polished the rest of my grandmother's silverplate coffee set that has been on a shelf looking black for years. My daughter had volunteered to help me last week but we got only half the job done then. I put the coffee set away in a silvercloth bag in hopes of never to have to polish it again. I hope my kids actually will someday want this stuff I am saving for them.

I'm not sure the silver should have been my highest priority, but it is one of those jobs I have been meaning to do for years and it is done. I wish in the summer I could do that kind of thing without feeling guilty that I really should be doing something else (working on an article).

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Joann said...

But it's SO satisfying because you can actually see the change your effort has made.

There's plenty to really feel guilty about. Spending some time once every 10 years or so on silver really is pretty low on the list, IMO. Achievement is never-ending unless you decide where your limits are. You can always reach for something higher and harder to get. Sometimes it's nice to be happy with what you have in the present.