Friday, July 25, 2008

REM sleep behavior disorder

John does not have hallucinations or paranoia (yet), but the prospect of psychosis is very real to me because I really do feel endangered in bed at night by the REM sleep behavior disorder. A few nights ago I woke up just before he hit out at me, though he connected with my body pillow, not with me. He doesn't wake up, doesn't remember a thing in the morning.

The sleep doctor is going to put him on Klonopin, which is supposed to help, but only after he has a sleep study, which couldn't be scheduled until the beginning of September. If that doesn't work I think it will be time to just sleep in separate rooms. If we were going to bed at the same time I would do it now, but it doesn't seem as necessary when we usually don't overlap in bed more than two hours (he falls asleep in a chair, while I get up early).

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