Saturday, July 19, 2008

quick note

I don't have much time to write--I had a new colleage and her husband to lunch and I need to leave shortly for Asheville. I'm doing a 7 am race tomorrow two hours away so I am going up the night before.

John and I enjoyed picking blueberries together this morning. It was hot and he sweats a lot less than he used to, but he felt it isn't a problem so long as he still sweats some. I picked blackberries as well (there weren't many left so it required something close to crawling under the bushes) and we had a delicious blackberry cobbler.

John did some straightening up before our guests came but didn't deal with a pile of his things I had particularly asked him to move. I suspect figuring out where they should go is daunting. He would rather we not invite people over until he can get his stuff cleaned up but I've decided to give up waiting for that. I think we need to experiment more with whether a student could help him. He says no because he has to decide where each thing goes. But if I helped him the way I sometimes help our kids I would hold up each thing and say "what do you want to do with this?" I have little patience for that.

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