Tuesday, June 10, 2008

a poem by our daughter


To watch him walk
With his lopsided gait
Of one foot dragging
With one arm still at his side
Is a constant and jarring reminder
Of how my world has changed

It’s still so easy to get impatient
As though I know it is not by choice
It is still ‘how can he be so slow.’

It isn’t really that many changes,
We have to leave more time for getting places
And he wears a bracelet with identification
But we still talk about the same things
And he is as good of a resource as ever.

My world has changed
But so can I
So it doesn’t really matter.

by EMM, age 15

1 comment:

Stella said...

EMM, dear daughter, our daughters have found their dad where ever he happens to be and they all enjoy the moment. It sounds as if you are doing the same. He will always be your dad, a wee bit different, perhaps, but your dad just the same. Bless your loving heart.