Saturday, May 31, 2008


We made it to Cape Cod yesterday evening, through remarkably light traffic. My family has a house here, and for about 15 years John and I and our kids have come here in June, before most of the rest of the extended family gets here and before the town gets crowded. It will be interesting to see what changes I notice in what John can do from a year ago. Yesterday when we picked up our daughter and had to deal with lots of family, he was doing a good job. So far what I have noticed here are physical things: carrying the bags up to our second floor room and making his bed were more difficult for him than in the past. If the second floor room becomes too difficult there is a first floor room that was my room when I was a teenager that we can use next year.

Thank you, Joann, for the idea about medications. The first time I tried to organize John's medicines, he wouldn't let me consolidate them because he said he wanted to have three partially full bottles of each prescription (one extra was for travel, the other was so if he dropped and spilled a bottle of pills it wouldn't be a full one). I bought him a weekly pill organizer and told him if he used that I wouldn't have to take over managing his medications as soon. He has now filled it a couple of times himself so I have hope he will continue to make the effort to use it. I will look into having the pharmacy do it for him, but I have a feeling he may not be willing to give up that much control yet.

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