Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thank you

Thanks for all the support in response to yesterday's post, both in the comments and by email (pam55sc at gmail). It helped a lot. I'm going to start making a list of John's long-term behaviors that I think are making this harder (such as listening to books on tape all the time). I gave up on getting him to change those things long ago, and I doubt he will change now when he is becoming even more set in his routines. But at least if I show such a list to doctors they will understand more.

Yesterday was frantic getting ready to leave on a trip, but no disasters so far (except in trying to move things to a new laptop I may have lost 2 years of logs of my running, swimming, and biking). I had arranged for John to get all his prescriptions refilled at once, so hopefully he can't mess up what he brings if everything is already in one bag. I will be traveling the next few days so I may not post every day. I should have more time once we are on Cape Cod, at least until we leave on our big trip.


Joann said...

Get your pharmacist to put his month's worth of meds into punch packs. Then a whole day (or AM or PM -- seperate packs for seperate times of the day) of meds can be nested into a punch pack that is easy to see if he remembered to take it or not, and he doesn't have to put out umpteen pill bottles and try to figure out which ones get taken when. It should be a free service from your pharmacy.

Pauline said...


What a wonderful bit of information! If only I had known that with Daddy...