Monday, May 19, 2008


Several weeks ago John said to me "where do we keep the safe deposit box key?" It scared me that he couldn't remember where he usually kept the key. He has always been the one who went to the safe deposit box. I've actually taken the lead in a lot of financial stuff, but a safe deposit box is way low on my priority list.

Anyway, he did after a few minutes remember the regular place for the key, but it wasn't there. He's been looking for it when he has a chance ever since. He's about 3/4 of the way through the pile of papers and other stuff on his dresser and I think went through his top drawers too. No luck so far.

Originally, he was looking for the key to get into the safe deposit box because he needed his birth certificate to apply for disability from his job. While clearing out old papers at home he found another birth certificate, so he finally was able to get that application on its way (at least a week after he had it ready).

But I also need the kids' social security cards from the safe deposit box. Our son got his learners permit and did drivers ed a couple of years ago, but since he has been away at school we didn't keep him practicing and get him to get his license (he hasn't been very interested). Since his learners permit has expired he apparently has to start from the beginning with getting a new one. So he needs a birth certificate, his social security card, and a school ID. In addition to the problem with getting the social security card from the safe deposit box, he has lost his school ID. I know that they will take a tax form intead of a school ID, but it is pretty discouraging. I feel badly that he is almost 18 and hasn't gotten his drivers license, but it just feels like more weight than I can pull uphill alone.

And then I feel like a whiner. But it is a good example of where I feel most burdened these days.

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