Saturday, May 24, 2008

free time!

I've actually got nothing on my calendar this weekend! Even though I'm not teaching, I've had a non-stop schedule the last week (and again next week), between things I still need to do at work (including trying to hire someone), my husband's doctor's appointments, getting ready to go away, and my own stuff (mostly spiritual things I do with other people plus my running, biking, and swimming).

After being so scheduled, I don't quite know what to do with my free time. Definitely a bike ride, but when and where? Is it worth driving to the farmers market this early in the season? Maybe I will go out on my bike this morning without a plan and take random roads. But I'm not feeling very energetic and it is windy at the moment (though the forecast just says winds of 6-9 mph).

Hopefully a nap this afternoon--I stayed up late just because I couldn't let go of being busy and woke up early. My daughter and I spent a long time last night shopping for a bathing suit for her, talking on the phone and looking at the same web sites. She finally settled on one from Title Nine.

I did get good news that I have been approved for long-term care insurance at the healthy person rate. It is too late to get long-term care insurance on my husband but thinking about years of paying for care for him (whether at home or in a facility) convinces me I need it on me. I was nervous after they called me and did a health survey and memory test on the phone--there is Alzheimer's in my family and on the phone is hard because I am much more a visual than an auditory learner. One part of the test was to try to remember a list of 10 words--I got to repeat them twice and use them in a sentence but then was asked them 5 minutes later after doing a bunch of math problems. I got seven, which wasn't terrible, but I didn't know if it was good or not. My diabetes was also a question for getting the healthy people rate, but I thought that might be ok because my blood tests show blood sugar well in the normal range. I took the call after the Clemson Triathlon, so it was particularly weird to be asked a whole lot of set questions about such things as whether I used a cane or walker.

Update: there was a festival being set up where the farmers market is held but I got some nice beets at a farm stand. After a long nap after lunch I decided that I need today to be a sick in bed day, or close to it (if I'm not feeling well and take a sick in bed day I often can avoid actually getting sick).

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