Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I've been focusing on wanting to move (not right away, in a year and a half) to the smaller house I first bought in Clemson, which is currently rented to students. It seems like the only way to simplify our life. It would make us get rid of a lot of junk, as the house we live in now is much bigger. And I think it would have a better space for my husband. But that doesn't help in the present, and indeed will be a lot of work in the next two years.

In the short run, I'm struggling with how can I possibly manage everything? The latest is a roof leak. The contractor who arranged the new roof when a tree fell on the house five years ago came to look at it and said it was because we hadn't swept the roof in an area where the pitch is low and two parts of the roof come together and leaves accumulate. It hadn't been swept in several years. I'm not sure whether my husband was just too busy or had some sense even a year or more ago of his balance being less secure. I have done it once or twice in the years we have been in this house, but I have more than usual fear of heights and I find it awfully scary. The contractor kindly had his men sweep the roof. But it has been leaking for a while into my son's room and the ceiling will have to be replaced.

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Joann said...

Leaves or not, it sounds like the contractor just double-talked you. If the roof is guaranteed, it's guaranteed. 150 mph hurricane winds would understandably not be covered, but leaves? Sounds lame to me.

It sounds overwhelming in your skin this days. I hold you in my prayers.