Wednesday, April 16, 2008

first open water swim

The air temperature was about 65, the water temperature in Lake Hartwell something similar. There was a large group of triathletes, maybe 15 people, all in wetsuits. My wetsuit still fit, which was my first anxiety. I've swum in colder water even in a bathing suit--it wasn't numbing to my bare feet. But when I started to swim my first reaction was that it was too cold, I wanted to give up. After a few minutes I settled down and felt ok. I swam about half an hour, only about half the standard swim to the sewage treatment plant. I didn't hang around afterwards and socialize but I wasn't chilled when I got home.

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Isis said...

Nothing makes me miss Lake Hartwell more than "the standard swim to the sewage treatment plant."

Glad to hear it was a good swim!