Saturday, March 08, 2008

Sons and Daughters of Dear Old Clemson 10k

It was a cold (low 40s) windy morning with low clouds. I got to the race site half an hour before the race began, and that was much more time than I needed. There were maybe only 30 people racing, but I was determined to do the race because it is in my town and is a 10k. I prefer not to do 5k races because afterwards I'm sore and have to take several days off from running, and I haven't actually run very far. A 10k is more worth it.

My goal was to hurt in order to burn off stress. I did try to start off slowly because I hadn't warmed up much. The first mile is mostly downhill, but judging from my heart rate the excitement at the beginning of a race makes me go fast. I was last from the very beginning, but there were two women about 50 to 100 yards ahead of me the whole race so it wasn't as lonely as it sometimes is.

I didn't actually hurt, except a twinge in my leg for maybe half a mile in the middle. I slacked off a bit in the middle, but the last mile I really did try to catch the women ahead of me, withou any success.

mile splits/heart rate from my Garmin:
1 12:43 94%
2 13:20 90%
3 13:22 89%
4 13:56 83%
5 14:52 86% (steepest long hill)
6 14:05 88%
6.36 5:16 87%

Time on the clock 1:27:08, compared to a few seconds over 1:17 last year. What hurts is the people who think I am walking, when I think I am running.

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