Monday, December 31, 2007

Year End Summary

678 miles running (181 hours), compared to 653 in 1996
2235 miles cycling (184 hours), compared to 2305 in 1996
132 hours swimming, compared to 172 in 1996

Green Valley Road Race 10 miles in about 2:16
Library 5K in 34:16
Sons and Daughters of Dear Old Clemson 10K in 1:17
Clemson Sprint Triathlon in 1:49, 4/4 age group
Death Valley Open Water Swim Meet: 3K in 1:53, 4/4 age group
Festival of Flowers International in 3:59, 3/3 age group
Tri-America Anderson (approx. 3/8 ironman) in 6:14, 1/1 age group
South Carolina Half Ironman in 8:15, 3/3 age group
Ride for the Raptors Century in 8:48 riding time
Cruisin' in the Country Century in 6:40 riding time

Goals for next year:
Have fun!
Do White Lake Half and South Carolina Half
I'm tempted by Beach to Battleship but don't think I will be ready

1 comment:

Joann said...

Must have the Olympics on your mind. It was a mess in Atlanta then, wasn't it!?

The Jamaica trip sounds pretty nice. I have a strong urge to see and be in/on the ocean. I don't know how I will get there, or when it can happen, but somehow, someway I have to spend some time close to the ocean in 2008.

How is P. doing in school? We hear about E., but not P this year. Is he still managing?