Monday, November 12, 2007

new car

I didn't end up buying the Honda Element. My key problem with it is that it only seats four. Instead I bought a Toyota Scion--the new model this year is considerably bigger than the previous model and has a more powerful engine. It also doesn't look quite so much like a toaster. For somewhat less money, I got a car that seats five with significantly better gas mileage than the Element. It isn't as big a space as the Element--my bike fits in with the front wheel on lying down, while the Element is so tall that bikes fit in it standing up. I took my bike with me to the dealer to test out how it would fit, which at least kept the saleman from treating me like a little lady.

The Scion isn't as much cheaper as it would appear from the list prices because Toyota has a no-haggle policy on the Scion only, but they really wanted to sell me a car and gave me a ridiculously high trade-in on my damaged Ford Escort. I was prepared to buy then and there, but when it looked like the price was going to be close to that of the Element I was also prepared to walk out and go see what kind of a deal I could get on the Element. That gave me huge bargaining power.

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Joann said...

Hate it about the deer and your car. I-16 is my least favorite highway in Georgia. It makes me so very sleepy. That is very flat country. Glad you had a good ride. I like the "suicide doors" on the Element, but not well enough to spring for anything NEW. Right now I'm thankful that income is meeting outgo so far. Element has sucky gas milage (IMO), so I hope the Scion gives you more mpg.

Sounds like you wern't hurt by the deer colision. Glad of that. Take care.