Tuesday, October 09, 2007

parents weekend and swimming

We went to my daughter's parents' weekend, and all reports are that everything is going very smoothly. The school does indeed seem to be the right place for her. It was so good to see her. It was hot in Massachusetts--in the 80s.

The swim team is interviewing for a new coach and I went to one of the interviews last night. The trouble is the interests of the parents of kids who swim and the interests of masters (adult) swimmers are so different. I'm actually ok with what the masters group is doing now--swimming at the recreation center without a coach but with workouts from one of our group who has at times coached us. The team doesn't have anyone to coach the masters group right now (they arranged an interim coach for the kids but not for us) and they had us swimming in the dive tank of the university pool. We rebelled.


Joann said...

So, so glad that E. is fitting in and adjusting well to school. I know it tugs at your heart at the same time it gives you relief.

Thinking of you.

Isis said...

Good luck getting the coach thing worked out. I've heard bits about this, and I feel for you all. And miss you!