Sunday, October 14, 2007

Downloading photographs from Verizon cellphone

I have a Motorola cellphone from Verizon that is a year or so old (V325 model) and I spent more than an hour this morning trying to figure out how to download the photographs I took yesterday. I had the appropriate mini USB cable so I went looking for software. I tried some Motorola software which made my phone able to charge through the USB connection, but I later found information that Verizon disables downloading photographs that way.

I had better luck, eventually, with Verizon's online photo album. On the phone I went to camera and then gallery and selected a picture. I then went to options and selected To PixPlace and click ok several times to send a picture message. The trick is then to get to PixPlace on the computer--many ways of getting there give a message that the site is not available. I'm not sure whether works if you aren't already logged into Verizon or not. What worked for me is to log into Verizon first, and then do a search for PixPlace. That led me to frequently asked questions and a link that worked. I tried emailing a picture to myself but got a tiny version. But if I went to galleries and selected uploads and then click on the small version of the picture I got a decent sized version. Right clicking on that image and saving it to my computer gave me something that was of acceptable quality for my blog.

A picture someone else sent me needs first to be saved to the gallery, then it can be sent to Pix Place.

Since I didn't sign up for unlimited texting I assume I am paying 25 cents for each picture I sent to the album. But the online photo album is supposedly free if you have 75 pictures or fewer.

I'm less sore today than I was after the half-ironman, even though I hurt more last night than I did after the half-ironman. Bicycling is just easier on the legs than running. I'm already tempted by another century ride, though a flat one. It happens to be on the one free weekend I have before Thanksgiving, but it is a four hour drive.

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