Monday, May 14, 2007

tooth update

The dentist told me on the phone Saturday that if I had the crown he could just glue it back in, so I was very frustrated with myself that I had spit it out and couldn't find it. But today when I went into the dentist and he looked at my tooth and my record, he said that it was a style of crown that hadn't worked very well so he was going to reshape my tooth and make a better crown. So it wouldn't have made any difference if I had had the old one (except I might have been able to get a temporary fix Saturday).

The dentist's office was able to fit me in today between a talk I gave at my daughter's school first thing in the morning and a workshop I was running in the afternoon. And I didn't even have to do the workshop with a numb face--the dentist reshaped the tooth but didn't have to drill into the nerve so I was able to manage without anesthesia. They put on a temporary crown; I will have to go back in three weeks to get the permanent one. But it feels so much better--it didn't ache but it was very sensitive and my tongue was raw from the sharp edge. It even appears they aren't going to charge me because they have acknowledged that the kind of crown they put in was a mistake (they said they had only made 10 or 11 of those and mine was probably the last one to be replaced).

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