Tuesday, May 01, 2007

monthly totals and bike fit

swimming 13 hours
cycling 205 miles in 16:52
running 55 miles in 14:38

I got a bike fit yesterday--he raised my saddle a couple of centimeters, lowered my bars a touch, and moved my saddle as far back as it would go. Not what I expected, but when combined with his advice on posture and pedaling style (keep my toes down at the bottom of the stroke) it may help the problems I was having. He moved my cleats further back on my shoes and installed some shorty aerobars for me. I've been resisting the idea of aerobars but these seem to be a good compromise. They give me another position that seems comfortable. My position on the aerobars isn't very low and stretched out but all the other road bike hand positions are still correctly adjusted. Setting up a more aggressive position on longer aerobars requires adjusting the bike differently from the way it would be set up for comfortable road riding.

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