Saturday, May 26, 2007


We got to Chatham Tuesday evening. The weather has been remarkable, sunny the whole time and warm the last two days. Today we went to the far side of Hardings Beach, and found baby horseshoe crabs from dime to hand size, as well as lots of hermit crabs and moon snails.

Climbing out of our boat at our dock, my daughter dropped her digital camera in the water. It bubbled as it went down. I went up to the house and put on my wetsuit to dive after it, but the wetsuit turned out to be a bad idea because it gave me too much floation. I had to take it off to be able to dive down about 6 feet, but then I found the camera easily. The water was warm enough that I then swam about 1/3 mile without the wetsuit. We soaked the camera in fresh water, but I think it very unlikely to dry out and work. I did think the memory card would work, but I just tried it and it doesn't. I will try it again tomorrow when it has had more time to dry out.

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