Sunday, March 04, 2007

what is deepest

Dr. Hinson told this story in his sermon today about a Quaker thinker who was one of his teachers:
One last word should be added about Douglas Steere’s understanding of his vocation. I think he practiced it before, but he got a phrasing for it from Martin Buber in 1951. In a Meeting at Haverford College someone stood up and said, “The greatest thing one can do for another is . . .” I don’t remember the complete statement. Buber did not immediately respond, but a short time later he said, “No, the greatest thing one can do for another is to confirm what is deepest in another.” Douglas Steere made confirming what is deepest in others the object of his life and ministry. source
Dr. Hinson called on us to do the same. Yes.

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