Monday, November 20, 2006


Two things kept me particularly busy last week, beyond just the time of year. I hosted a guest speaker at the beginning of the week, who runs an STS program at another state university. When he and I met with the administrator who is over the STS program, she encouraged me to consider developing a major.

Also my husband and I have been working on the possibility of traveling over Christmas, since his attempt to get tickets to Europe in May using frequent flyer miles was unsuccessful. We ended up buying tickets to go to Turkey Dec. 19-30. We will spend a good part of the time in Istanbul but I am working with a travel agent in Turkey on a 5 day trip to Troy, Pergamum and Ephesus, driving ourselves and then taking a sleeper train from Pamukkale back to Istanbul. Either Christmas eve or Christmas day we will go to a service at the House of the Virgin Mary, where Mary was traditionally believed to have lived out her earthly life.

The other new news is that my daughter scored in the 95% percentile overall among students who took the SSAT (Secondary School Aptitude Test).

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Joann said...

Way cool! You folks sure do get around!

I'm just happy to have another Christmas to celebrate this year. The surgeon dismissed me on Wednesday. After-effects are still unpredictable.

L. and I went to a Family Fun day at the Bremen Jewish Museum today and had a blast. I am now ready for MY nap! He had a hotdog at the Varsity and got the obligatory hat. He slept on the way home.

Big excitement on Wednesday when I washed my cell phone with my clothes. Needless to say, this is not good for the phone.

Our T-giving is Saturday because Jeny worked T-giving as "call" so she could be assured of having Cmas and New Years off. Eric's been cooking all day while L. and I had our adventure to the big A.

Later gator.