Saturday, October 14, 2006

Las Vegas

I had been to Las Vegas once before, in the mid 1970s. What I hadn't fully understood is how completely it was transformed in the 1990s to a kind of giant amusement park. The Statue of Liberty and Eiffel Tower and Venetian canal and the like are quite a sight. It was fun to do an early morning run down the strip. The hotel we stayed at was somewhat of an exception to the amusement park approach, but has recently been sold and is expected to be torn down. A very strange place to hold a professional conference. The area of meeting rooms was fairly normal but to get to the elevators to the guest rooms, either from the meeting rooms or from the street, one has to walk through the middle of the casino.


Anonymous said...

Did you do any gambling?

Pem said...

No, I didn't, it just doesn't interest me. That is part of why I dreaded so going to Las Vegas--I don't drink or gamble.

Anonymous said...

I never gambled until I wnet out to visit my Dad this year.
He and his wife go to a casino to have lunch once a week and play the slots.
When they told me about it I didn't want to go. It seemed such a waste of money. Since it would be time with my Dad I went and surprised myself by having a very good time.
With $20- I played the slots which aren't slots at all any more. They are like interactive video games.
It was actually fun :)