Friday, August 18, 2006


I am trying to schedule school visits with my daughter and the fall is impossible.
Sept. 9 I have a department retreat.

Sept. 17 I'm thinking I will do the Hartsville triathlon after all.

Sept. 22-23 we had tentatively planned for my son to come home from boarding school.

Sept. 29-Oct. 1 would be a possible weekend to do a school trip. If not, there is a retreat at the convent I want to go to.

Oct. 5-8 is my husband's fall break and he is taking my daughter on a school trip. I get to do Ride for the Raptors.

Oct. 11-15 I have a professional conference--I am tentatively planning to come home in time to go to the end of the season triathlon banquet Sat. night.

Oct. 19-22 is a definite school visit weekend because it is my daughter's fall break.

Oct. 27-29 is my son's family weekend.

Nov. 2-5 I have a professional conference and then my Fall Break is the Monday-Tuesday after I get back. Maybe I should skip that conference this year.

Nov. 11 My daughter takes the SSAT. We could possibly take a Sunday-Monday school trip. That is a fairly good time for me to miss a day of class.

My son gets out Nov. 17, but otherwise that weekend is free. I couldn't take Monday off but could possibly take Friday off for a school visit, but it would be awkward.

Nov. 23 is Thanksgiving and we are going to St. Christophers.

Dec. 2-3 is a possible weekend for a school trip, though not the best time for me to miss a class

Dec. 11 is a day I could do a visit without missing class.
And I have to decide by Tuesday on at least some of the options so as to set up my course calendar appropriately.

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