Saturday, July 01, 2006

monthly totals

swim: 12 swims totaling 11 hrs. 55 min.
bike: 12 rides totaling 273 miles in 21 hours 40 min. for an average speed of 12.6 mph
run: 11 runs totaling 48 miles in 10 hrs. 36 min. for an average pace of 13:20
total: 35 workouts for the month in a time of 44 hours 11 min.

Most important was a big goal accomplished: my first international distance triathlon. I'm next signed up for a couple of sprints in July and August so I should work on speed, but it is hard in the heat.


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Fe-lady said...

wow you are getting in loads of cycling! What are you training for? I am new to your blog, obviously! Great workouts! I am jealous!