Monday, July 31, 2006

Kanuga Bike Routes

I studied state bicycle maps for Transylvania County to find a longer route from Kanuga, which I did yesterday. I turned off Crab Creek Road on Dupont Road down to 276, then Island Ford Road to Brevard, then back on Old Hendersonville to Everett to Talley Road and back to Kanuga by the Apple Festival Challenge route. I went out with lot less information than I had for my usual routes, which are from the Apple Festival rides. I headed out Dupont Road which becomes Staton Rd, and it was up one 1.5 mile hill after another (with some downhill in between). And it was right after lunch and hot. I almost took a short way back, which probably would have been even more mountainous. After I decided not to turn the short way I stopped at a small store and asked, and I was told the rest of the way to Brevard was flat or downhill. And it was. I stopped in Brevard and had a milkshake at the soda fountain. I filled up one water bottle there, should have filled up both. But it did get cooler and the stretch along the river was particularly pretty. The whole thing was almost 49 miles in just under 4 hours.

I'm very happy to be on vacation at Kanuga able to swim and run and bike--last summer I had injured my shoulder and could only hike. I can now do the 660 meter (round trip) swim across the lake in 20 minutes--two years ago, before I joined the swim team, it took me over 30.

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