Friday, July 21, 2006

I'm here

I'm just busy teaching my first online course, so I don't feel like getting on the computer in my free time. I've dropped several students who didn't understand that an internet course was a real course and they were expected to work as hard as in a regular course and follow the rules. I'm working them hard. But I'm pleased by the quality of the work they are doing.

Yesterday at masters swim practice I swam 450 yards for time, as I had had to send in a time for 400 meters for a triathlon with a pool swim I am doing in August. I sent in 11 minutes then hoped that was too conservative. But yesterday I did the 450 yards in 11:26, which translates to something like 11:16 for the 400 meters (long course). The coach timed splits and my first 100 and last 50 were good, but my second 100 was a lot slower than the first. I was disappointed, but it gives me a much better idea of what to work on in pacing myself. What I won't have done before is a zigzag swim, or even have swum before in a 50 meter pool.

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