Monday, June 19, 2006

Cape Cod Mousetrap

A local photographer has his own aerial photographs of the changing beaches going back to the 1940s. But what I ordered was a T shirt for my son with the legend Cape Cod Mousetrap. The photographer's wife said she heard the story from a local who came in to ask if Kelsey still had his old negatives. It seems that many years ago this local's mother was going to make a batch of chowder in the morning, and she left the "chowder 'hogs" out over night. These must have been quahogs a lot bigger than those you see today

When quahogs go to sleep their shells open a little, and it seems that a mouse recognized food and stuck its head into the shell. The first thing quahogs do when disturbed is clamp their shells closed. The photograph on the T-shirt shows a mouse body hanging from a big quahog.

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