Tuesday, May 23, 2006

jury duty

I was called for jury duty in circuit court at the county courthouse, more serious than the usual jury duty in city court in our very small town. The instructions were to report today at 9:30, for a term lasting the rest of the week. After a long wait, there was a long process of swearing us in and asking disqualification and exemption questions. My favorite was a woman who was exempted because she was essential to a family business--she and her husband have a grading company and she is the only one who can drive the three axle dump truck. About 11:30 the judge finally started selecting people for a jury for a case involving assault and battery with intent to kill. There hadn't been any questions about our views, so about all the lawyers knew about us was our occupations and those of our spouses. I was trying to figure out if the defense lawyer was saying no to university professors (there were several of us) but I couldn't tell. In any case, my name didn't get called. And when I called back tonight to see if I needed to report tomorrow, the message said I was done for the week. Relief.

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