Friday, April 14, 2006


To Philadelphia Saturday, back Monday night after visiting Westtown School. Spent Tuesday afternoon meeting with a new colleague. Wednesday after my class my daughter and I drove to Sewanee Tenn. to visit St. Andrews--Sewanee. Spent Thursday morning at the school then drove home, getting home in time for the Maundy Thursday service with footwashing. I felt moved to sign up for the vigil at the cross, and had a choice of 2-3 am or 3-4 am. I picked 2-3 am, then did go back to sleep again but woke up in time to go to the 7 am morning prayer service. Prepared and taught my class then met with a boarding school consultant. I'm actually going to go run as soon as my supper settles a little, but then I will crash. I'm happy, actually, because I thought I would be too busy with my daughter to experience Holy Week but it has been meaningful and I was able to get to a service three days out of the five (usually I go every day).

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