Friday, April 07, 2006

menopause is like being 14 again

Actually it is less so than I had feared--with all the exercise I am doing I don't notice mood swings. But today I had a flood--I left my office to go teach my class and found I had blood stains running down the front of my pants legs. And I was wearing olive green pants. I had a sweater and a t shirt in my office, but no pants or shorts. If the problem had been in the back I might have tied a sweater around my waist, but I couldn't think of any way to make myself presentable with what I had.

I made a quick decision about a documentary I could show part of, went and asked my teaching assistants to start the class and show the documentary, and ran to my car and went home and changed. I got to class only 15 minutes late. I'm never going to be without a change of pants in my office again.

The medical solution to this problem sounds awfully drastic--I'm hoping I can just outwait it.


Sue Richards said...

This will pass. And yes, it is like being 14 again. Fourteen with wisdom.

Sue Richards

Joann said...

Good you engineered your life around a close-by home/work situation so could become a literal quick-change-artist! I know people who know from a variety of indicators when they are likely to "start," but I never have. It's always a surprise. I like to think of this as a transition toward Wise Woman/Elder. I've heard that some native people don't consider you an "adult" until 55, which is coincidentally the average age of menapause. I'm soon to be an "adult" by this criterion. But, my life is also more full and more fun than it's EVER, EVER been! Life in the 50s is so awesome!