Friday, April 28, 2006


My conclusions came together somewhat better today for the last day of class. I just hope the students see it.

At Intueri I found a link to a recipe for simplicity. Actually I like better the What is Voluntary Simplicity list:
1. Limiting material possessions to what is needed and/or cherished.
2. Meaningful work, whether paid or volunteer, ideally spending no more than 30 hours per week (in order to make time for items # 3 to 12, below).
3. Quality relationships with friends and family.
4. Joyful and pleasurable leisure activities.
5. A conscious and comfortable relationship with money.
6. Connection to community, but not necessarily in formal organizations.
7. Sustainable consumption practices.
8. Healthy living practices, including exercise, adequate sleep, and nutritious food.
9. Practices that foster personal growth, an inner life, or spirituality, such as yoga, meditation, prayer, religious ceremonies, journal writing, and spiritually-related reading.
10. Connection to nature-delighting in spending time in nature regularly.
11. Aesthetic beauty in personal environment.
12. Living in harmony with values and integrity.
I think what that is telling me is that I should stop messing around my office and go take a nice long leisurely bike ride. Yesterday I did part of the Clemson triathlon course and averaged 15 mph, which is more like what I would like to see.

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